Take Charge of Your Divorce and Your Life!


If you aren't managing your divorce, someone else will.

If severing the marital relationship with a spouse by a “decree of divorce” were simple and straightforward, divorce courts wouldn’t be bogged down and families would quickly move on as if very little had changed.

But in reality, divorce is extremely stressful and painful. It is a demanding and overwhelming process that requires navigating through a landmine filled with complications.

Divorce actually involves several intertwined components: financial, legal, and emotional and if you have kids – there is parenting schedules and a myriad of child-related issues.

The greatest challenge occurs when the legal issues come up at the beginning of the process when you are least able to deal with them effectively.

It can be tempting to go for the “clean sweep” to get things over and done with as quickly as possible but if you want to move through this process as smoothly as possible, here are a couple of important points to keep in mind:

  • All the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce are real and valid.
  • You can expect some hot buttons will be triggered along the way.
  • You cannot stuff the different components of divorce into separate boxes.
  • You will probably need to make some very tough decisions when you are least able to do so effectively so you will need to pay extra attention to what you are doing.
Starting your divorce on the right foot
  • Get reliable information about divorce
  • Gather and organize the facts of your situation
  • Gather resources and appropriate advice
  • Understand your legal rights and obligations
  • Decide what you want and what’s important

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