The Divorce Coach Can Help...


As your Divorce Coach, I can help you move through and beyond your divorce more efficiently so you can reduce the negative emotional impact on you and your family.

I can help you conquer your specific divorce challenges so you can keep your sanity. I provide fresh perspectives, educational resources, referrals, and valuable links in the essential areas involved in divorce:

The Emotional Divorce: How do I cope with all the feelings I am having now?

The Financial Divorce: How will I live, what will I have when it is over?

The Children’s Divorce: How can I minimize the impact on my children?

The Legal Divorce: How does the legal system work? How can I work with my lawyer?

You’ll Discover How to…


  • FIND reliable information and resources about divorce.
  • ORGANIZE your facts and documents before you visit your lawyer’s office.
  • DETERMINE what’s important to you and how you are going to get it.
  • SAVE hours of time and thousands of dollars on legal fees.
  • LEARN about the law and legal resources available to you.
  • HIRE a lawyer that will give your divorce the attention it deserves.


Adapting to this ending is demanding and painful, but it may be the most important work that you do if you want to get on with your life. The Divorce Coach will help you:

  • SET short-term goals.
  • STAY FOCUSED and on track. Most people going through this simply do not know where to start, let alone how to stay focused when their lives are falling apart.
  • CREATE some short-term safety, stability and security.
  • COPE with the major changes and work through painful emotions.
  • VENT your frustration, hurt, anger and sadness.
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE to make the best decisions for you and your family.


No matter how devastated or confused you find yourself, or who’s to ‘blame’, or who starts the legal proceedings, you are still accountable to your self and to your family. You can choose to have a ‘responsible’ divorce – one in which everyone can emerge relatively unscathed and parents continue to raise healthy, well-adjusted children.

Few lawyers the time or inclination to help their clients cope with the turmoil or hand hold through each step of the divorce process. Ultimately, you are responsible for the decisions made in your divorce, so you need to step up and take action.

With the Divorce Coach and Edmonton Divorce Solutions you get the resources and support you need so you can:

  • KNOW what to expect from the divorce process.
  • PREPARE for meetings with your lawyer or mediator.
  • WORK effectively with your divorce specialists to reach a timely and reasonable settlement.
  • DETERMINE your budget so that you can get a realistic picture of your living expenses situation.
  • CALCULATE your marital assets and debts so that you can negotiate a fair settlement and have something to start over with.
  • PROTECT your credit rating so that you can qualify for a loan after your divorce.
  • MAKE sound financial decisions and plan your future spending.


Whether you are making or receiving support payments, you need to know what your responsibilities, rights and obligations are so that your children can be provided with the things they need. The Divorce Coach will help you understand the:

  • ISSUES important in determining child and spousal support.
  • OPTIONS available to you if the support payments aren’t being made.


The issues that get played out on the divorce battlefield are property, money and children. Emotional upset and conflict are a very normal part of divorce but they interfere with your ability to have reasonable discussions, negotiate or make sound decisions. When your legal battle becomes an expression of your emotional battle, you are inviting serious harm to both yourself and your children. The Divorce Coach will help you:

  • OVERCOME some of the emotional hurdles encountered during divorce negotiations.
  • BALANCE the negotiating power.
  • ESTABLISH relationship boundaries with your ex.
  • DEVELOP new communication skills so you can negotiate confidently.
  • RECOGNIZE self-sabotaging roadblocks that keep you stuck
  • LET GO of old dance patterns that you and your mate were stuck in.
  • GAIN new insights to create unique solutions that work for you.
  • PROTECT yourself in high conflict situations.
  • DISSOLVE your marriage as painlessly as possible.


If you have children, there is more to consider than just who gets to keep the house and how the assets and debts will be divided. Studies show that the greatest harm to children of divorce is caused by high levels of conflict between parents and interference with the relationship between the child and their other parent.

Children need both their parents and the parents need all the help they can get from each other in raising them. The Divorce Coach will help you:

  • INSULATE children from your own conflict with the other parent.
  • DRAFT a co-operative parenting plan that will give your child the most stability and best contact with both parents based on age and stage of child development so that you can decide how your children’s lives will be handled, not lawyers or some judge.
  • MINIMIZE the game playing and provide structure and stability for everyone by outlining what each parent’s responsibilities are and what is expected of each parent.


Yes, divorce is an ending but it is also a new beginning. Chances are you gave up part of who you are in trying to mould yourself into a ”couple” identity. Figuring out how you now fit into the world is bewildering. Values are shaken and cherished truths are shattered.

There is an abiding fear that life will never again be joyful. You will need new knowledge and new skills to successfully complete this transformation into a totally new you. The Divorce Coach can help you:

  • REBUILD your life on your own terms.
  • MAP OUT short & long term goals.
  • EMBRACE this new beginning.
  • REBUILD trust and confidence.
  • ADJUST to single life.
  • PREPARE for healthy partnership.

With DIVORCE COACHING you will discover how to be proactive rather than reactive and take charge of every aspect of your divorce – from managing your painful emotions, to working effectively with your legal representative, to reducing the conflict with yout ex, and supporting your children.


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Edmonton Divorce Solutions is your divorce survival lifeline – your comprehensive one stop source for divorce related information. Here you will get:

  • Practical information about the divorce process and your options
  • Access to resources
  • A focus on priorities
  • Clarification of your issues and concerns
  • Action plans for your goals & circumstances
  • Referrals to Divorce Experts
  • Strategies for saving time and money
  • Parenting Plans
  • Workshops for Coping and Rebuilding
  • Support Network

By taking a look ahead and learning what to expect, you can give yourself the best chance of having a responsible divorce. With reliable information and support, you can…

  • MAKE smart decisions
  • AVOID some of the potential pitfalls that go along with divorce.
  • NAVIGATE your divorce successfully.
  • MOVE BEYOND your divorce and take charge of your life.

Are you ready?