The Divorce Coach can help you with…

  1. understand the divorce process step-by- step
  2. manage the emotional rollercoaster
  3. choose the dispute resolution option that’s right for you
  4. develop an effective divorce strategy
  5. co-parent your children
  6. move on with your life in a healthy, productive way

If you are going through the ending of a committed love relationship, it’s tough to get everything done you need to do just to survive and adjust to your new circumstances. You want to make the best possible decisions but when you are dealing with painful emotions, upset kids, and an uncooperative spouse, where do you find the information and support so you can do it?

The Divorce Coach can help you identify and deal with the major issues that you will be facing when your marriage ends. You need to understand what you’re up against so you can take charge of your divorce and your life.

A Divorce Coach is a highly skilled professional trained to help you navigate through the wide variety of emotions and practical issues that arise during divorce. Divorce coaching does not provide legal or financial advice and is not therapy.

The Divorce Coach Can Help

As your Divorce Coach, I offer practical information about the divorce process and your options as well as clarification of your specific issues and concerns.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental, supportive place for you to VENT your frustrations, anger and sadness as well as help you to identify the different emotional stages you and your spouse are experiencing in order to DEVELOP effective coping strategies, set healthy boundaries and better manage conflict.

I take the time find out what is truly important to you. I help you STRATEGIZE and point you in the right direction. Together we will plot an action plan for doing what needs to be done that is most appropriate for you at whatever stage of your process you are in. I will hold you accountable to ensure that you stay on track and continue to progress through this difficult time.

I enable you to stay FOCUSED on priorities, encourage you to look at things from a different perspective, teach you more effective communication skills to de-escalate the conflict, and facilitate changing unhelpful reactions or habitual behaviours that can get in the way of resolving issues.

I work with you on co-parenting plans which focus on what’s best for your children and to reduce the potential harmful impact on them. I may help identify areas where increased understanding will support improved priorities in how you use and apply your precious resources like money, energy and time.

I offer you the tools and strategies you need to successfully conquer the challenges that are inevitable when a relationship crumbles. At the same time, as someone who has gone through a painful divorce, I bring a lot of EMPATHY and COMPASSION to the coaching partnership and I will encourage, support, challenge and motivate you through the changes you need to make in order to achieve your goals and rebuild your life.

What are your goals?

  1. STAY FOCUSED and on track. Most people going through this simply do not know where to start, let alone how to stay focused when their lives are falling apart.
  2. COPE with the major changes and work through painful emotions.
  4. VENT your frustration, hurt, anger and sadness.
  5. MANAGE the various aspects of your separation and divorce.
  6. SAVE money on lawyer’s fees.
  7. OVERCOME some of the emotional hurdles encountered during negotiations.
  8. ESTABLISH relationship boundaries with your ex.
  9. DEVELOP communication skills to reduce conflict.
  10. GAIN new insights to create unique solutions that work for you.
  11. CREATE co-operative parenting plans based on your child’s age and needs.
  12. LEARN to recognize self-sabotaging roadblocks that keep you stuck.
  13. MAP OUT short & long term goals.
  14. EMBRACE this new beginning.
  15. REBUILD trust and confidence.
  16. ADJUST to single life.
  17. PREPARE for healthy partnership.

No matter how devastated or confused you find yourself, or who’s to ‘blame’, or who starts the legal proceedings, you are still accountable to your self and to your family. You can choose to have a ‘responsible’ divorce – one in which everyone can emerge relatively unscathed and parents continue to raise healthy, well-adjusted children.

You have unlimited power! You can choose what to do with your
life, and with your day.

You have influence over the people around you, over your daily
schedule and daily activities.

You can control many things in life - not all things by any means,
but many things.

Whether you take charge, choose a direction and move forward
or not, is largely a choice. Choose to use your power wisely.

Philip Humbert, Personal Success Coach


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Divorce is a lot like childbirth. The process can be agonizing, but the result is new life! 

( Peggy Neill )