Top 10 Strategies for Whole Life Success

  1. Have a well-defined purpose.
    Knowing what gives our life meaning brings passion and fulfillment through something that is larger than our self. The successful person has created or discovered their life purpose or definite goal for which they strive.
  2. Identify and live by your values.
    Values are who we are. They are what we are naturally drawn towards without effort but they are easily squashed by our needs, our shoulds and our problems. When we live by our values, our goals and actions are in harmony so we are seldom stressed or in conflict about what we are doing.
  3. Get yourself complete.
    Being “ incomplete ” about a person or situation means that it is still “on your mind”. These incompletions drain our energy. By letting go and bringing closure to the past, we are free to move forward.
  4. Rise above mediocrity.
    The successful person isn’t willing to settle for less than what they deserve. They know where they want to go and have a rough idea of how to get there. Having a vision gives us focus and direction to our lives.
  5. Live in the moment.
    This is crucial. Once we have dumped our emotional baggage and have clarified our vision, we need to stay focused in the here and now. Routines help to maintain our control and keep our focus on the present. If we are feeling guilt, we are in the past. If we are feeling fear, we are in the future. If we are planted firmly in the present, we are in control.
  6. Create your destiny
    We choose how we live our life and all our choices in the past add up to where we are today. Every choice we make has an impact on those around us and will affect everything we do in the future. We also choose our attitude and how we will respond in any situation. What we think about, we will become so why not think great things?
  7. Take responsibility.
    Responsibility is being accountable for our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviour. It is the acceptance that we are the cause of our situation and that we have the ability to change or improve that which we dislike. Being responsible allows others to be themselves and to live their own lives. We can be free of unnecessary stress when we release our “shoulds” or expectations of others and ourselves.
  8. Recognize the perfection in everything.
    Everything happens for a reason and it is all happening perfectly – even when we can’t see it. Change what you can and let go of the rest. When we truly understand that they only thing we can effectively control is our reaction to whatever life hands us, we can end our struggle and dance with life.
  9. Create a reserve.
    A reserve means that you have more than you need. Stress is often created through lack and can be reduced when we eliminate our needs. With a strong reserve we are truly at choice. We free up valuable energy to focus on what we want and do what brings us joy. Simplify your life by creating reserves of time, space, money, love, vitality and meaningful action. Start where you feel most stressed and watch your life begin to flow.
  10. Focus on being and not doing or having.
    When we are focused on who we are, what kind of person we are, we tend to be on a journey of spiritual evolution, which in itself tends to have less stress (or the stress is less stressful!). When we are focused on doing or having, we are not focused on our higher selves, but only on certain dimensions of who we are (and usually on what we think that means). Be a being, not a doing!

Choose to be the best you possible.

Making a choice to be our best selves, to live life to our fullest potential, typically allows us to transcend our lives and reduces much stress because we understand that the source of stress is temporary. Also, don’t forget that today, you are the best you’ve ever been and that is PERFECT!

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